The Past, the Present and the Future

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In September, the company members of Active Inquiry got together in the puppet lab studio at Vision Mechanics for a week of company development. An opportunity to discuss and reflect on the first year of the Spect-Act project and performances of The Fair-Ground, at the Just Festival in August. Sharing our practical experiences of change, we explored the theory of change and actions in relation to theory of the Theatre of the Oppressed and,working with Aileen Ackland, explored Critical Pedagogy.  A week of theory, practical activity, fun, laughter and guess what, homework ! 

We are now into the second year of the Spect-Act project and just in case you haven’t heard about the event that was held in May at Out of the Blue, here’s a chance to catch up  Episode 7 – OUR LIVE EPISODE

Plans are already underway, working with community groups and collaborators, for a 2 day community festival in May 2017 !

The Fair-Ground

In August we performed The Fair-Ground as part of the Just Festival. Here’s a wee visual snippet of what happened during ‘interventions’ in relation to Theatre of the Oppressed’ on the carpet’ !  

14037655_10154580273267223_1029021881_o 14087739_10154580272907223_1547312685_o

….can you spot the Joker drinking on the job…


The Fair-Ground is currently under collective company development !


Various stages of development

Original flyer on it’s own……..flyers put to good use…………..main and any other duties, resp…



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