News Group Relaunch!

28th February, 2011 - Posted by Gavin - 2 Comments

News Group, our monthly workshop in partnership with Leith Open Space which uses drama techniques to explore current affairs, was relaunched on Saturday 26th February after a break over the Christmas period. The aim of this group is to encourage people to become active participants in current affairs instead of passive consumers. And there was nothing passive about Saturday’s […] Read More

Power to the People?

24th February, 2011 - Posted by Gavin - 1 Comment

The second stage of our Power to the People? project started properly this week with Alan Jeffrey leading a workshop for the group exploring the basics of Forum Theatre. We have a great group of participants with varying levels of theatre experience who are all interested in exploring the tricky concept of Empowerment. Over to Alan […] Read More

New European Forum Theatre Project

19th February, 2011 - Posted by Gavin - Comments Off on New European Forum Theatre Project

I am very lucky to have just spent a few days in Lisbon in Portugal courtesy of the European Union! Following on from a meeting in Italy last May, representatives from different Theatre of the Oppressed companies from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Scotland (me!) met to spend a few days writing a joint funding application to the […] Read More