Divided We Fall? – Forming Groups

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As we begin to reach the half-way point in our process this week was bout reflecting on what we had done so far and using this to form groups to begin to devise some pieces of Forum Theatre. After a quick round of “Eastenders Clap” we began to make rhythms in groups of our experiences of the group so far.

Rhythms of the group!

We then took some time to reflect on all the work we have done so far by looking at all the flip-chart notes and remembering the many images, sounds, rhythms and words that have emerged so far.

Building an image

Without speaking we made images with our bodies and then formed two groups around images that we wished to explore further. Then came the tricky bit – the groups were asked to seek out the thing that had brought them together and to name it! Not an easy task!

Final Image

Once the groups began to name the thing then they had to make a new image showing this! A tricky week but we now have a great springboard to begin to devise from next week!

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March 15th, 2013 at 10:54 pm    

When words collide
Our group joined Sophie’s image one by one, happy to make a multi faceted group image which was different to each one of us. Then when we were asked to come to a consensus on what it was that had brought us together, we found it really tricky, but full of all kinds of insights. For me it was a fascinating reminder of the contrasting powers of words and images.

Sophie’s image to me was of a powerful figure being confined and constrained, and it got me thinking of’integration’ – it’s kind of a weasel word – ‘joining parts to make a whole’ sounds worthy, but when it’s a small part joining a larger one, then it can be more like ‘assimilation’.
When there needs to be a degree of homogeneity in the whole, we see it as reasonable that you integrate into it by conforming – when you integrate into a sports club you abide by the rules, when you join a political party you sign up to the manifesto, when you join a religion there are articles of faith.
And when someone is part of a community, it’s accepted that they agree to observe that community’s laws. But other than that, we’d hope that they are free to be and do what they want.

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