Working together as a Company

12th May, 2016 - Posted by Gavin - Comments Off on Working together as a Company

This week, Liz talks about the process of devising our latest play for the Spect-Act project:

After another intense and laughter filled few days of devising with the Active Inquiry company I’m reminded how great it is to have been working together as a company for so long. As an actor I’m used to working with different people on each project. It’s sadly so rare to work with the same people regularly over a number of years. The benefits are huge though as the last few days illustrate. When we work together as a company we have a shared language and this helps us achieve more in the time we have. This comes from the methods and techniques we use from the Theatre of the Oppressed and the additional areas we have trained in together as well as the different techniques we have all brought in and shared with the company over the years.

Active Inquiry Company

We also know each other so well. It’s like a family getting together every time we meet. We know each other’s strengths and quirks. Every time we get together there is so much laughter but also increasing courage as we explore the area of investigation or theatrical technique. This is important as it allows us to take risks, question our thoughts, share our struggles, feel supported, go deeper into our inquiry and ultimately create more.

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