Active Inquiry Podcast – Live!

17th March, 2016 - Posted by Gavin - Comments Off on Active Inquiry Podcast – Live!

This week Alan talks about how you can contribute to our live podcast event in May:
In a January blog post we took the opportunity to introduce the Active Inquiry Podcast; our monthly on demand Theatre of the Oppressed Radio Show. We’re having a great time recording the show and want to remind you that all episodes are archived on iTunes and on our dedicated podcast page:
We’ve had guests from the company on the podcast and also practitioners from other organisations have kindly given their time to talk with us on the show but we haven’t had much interaction with our audience so far (Ironic for a theatre company specialising in Forum Theatre!).
In May we hope to do a live recording of the podcast (More info coming later!) and for that we need your input! So if you’ve ever had any questions about Theatre of the Oppressed, if you have any thoughts or topics relating to TO that you would like to discuss with Active Inquiry we would love to hear them and discuss them on our live show.
Send us your questions/topics for discussions such as:
  • What makes a good Forum Theatre protagonist?
  • What difference does TO make?
  • What skills do you need to be a Forum Theatre Actor
  • Are we activists first and actors second? Or the other way around?
Please get in touch with us by leaving a comment here or on the Active Inquiry Facebook page. You can even send a question or topic directly to
And look for more details on our live Podcast soon!

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