All you need to know about The Active Inquiry Podcast!

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What exactly is ‘The Active Inquiry Podcast’?

In October of 2015 we introduced ‘The Active Inquiry Podcast’ and have had a great response from loads of you to the three episodes we’ve created so far. We’re really excited that so many of you have checked out the episodes, but some of you may not be that familiar with Podcasts in the first place so let’s try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.
What is a Podcast???
Think of a podcast like a radio show, except you don’t listen to it on the radio! You can listen to it on your computer or on your phone/tablet using dedicated podcast apps (iTunes being a really popular one). You can even ‘subscribe’ to a Podcast so new episodes are downloaded automatically.
What is ‘The Active Inquiry Podcast’?
Every month members of Active Inquiry discuss their work, Theatre of the Oppressed in general or any other relevant topic that is on our minds. You can even suggest topics yourself on our Facebook or Podcast page!
What kind of topics do you discuss?
So far we’ve created three episodes focusing on the following topics
Where can I listen to it?
  • Website
You can listen to the podcast through our dedicated podcast site (That’s called streaming)
All episodes can be found there and you just have to click play.
  • Phone/tablet
Every month you can get it automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet by subscribing:
For iPhone and iPad you need the ‘Podcasts’ app. You probably already have this but if not you can search for it in the ‘App Store’. When you have it just search ‘Active Inquiry’ and hit ‘Subscribe’.
On Android you will need to get a dedicated Podcasting App from the ‘Google Play’ store. A good one is ‘Stitcher’. When you have it you can download the Podcast automatically by making it one of your ‘favourites’.
This content is so amazing, how can I ever repay you?
Wow, that’s so nice of you to say. Thank you! By leaving comments, suggesting topics on our WordPress and Facebook pages. Also rating and reviewing the show on the podcast services is really helpful and would be much appreciated!

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