The Drama of Queuing!

15th March, 2011 - Posted by Gavin - 2 Comments

Flashback Drama, Active Inquiry’s permanent devising company for adults, is now well into rehearsals for their next show to be performed on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June 2011 as part of the Leith Festival.

Next in Line explores the concepts of “power”, “order” and “chaos” all through the uniquely British pastime of queuing! John, a man who has played by the rules his whole life, suddenly wakes up in the mysterious Waiting Room and has to figure out where he is and what he is waiting for!

The cast of "Next in Line" rehearse the "queue of Johns" scene

After months of devising and writing we are now in the rehearsal stage and things are going fairly smoothly (except for the confusion over having two “Dave’s” in the group!)

Tickets will be available in May through the Leith Festival Box Office and performances will be held at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street,Leith. We hope that you will all be able to come and support us!


Posted on: March 15, 2011

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Dave Millar

March 15th, 2011 at 7:37 pm    

Gawd, that bald patch just gets bigger and bigger!!

Paul Hughes

March 16th, 2011 at 1:16 am    

See you’ve very wisely managed to almost completely obscure me out of the photograph. I assume the other photos you took resulted in shattered lenses.

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