Justice and Culture

16th May, 2016 - Posted by Gavin - Comments Off on Justice and Culture

This week, Pinar talks about her search for the definition of Justice:

For the past sessions with Shakti Women’s Aid and our rehearsal time for the new play- The Fair-Ground (which will be presented on Saturday as part of our Spect-Act event), I have been thinking about the conversations regarding what justice means.

I can see that justice is interpreted differently depending on your cultural background and the society you were raised in. For some people justice is when someone is punished by law and sentenced for a very long time in prison. For others, justice is what the law represents and how it protects society.

Hearing people’s stories about difficulties in life and how the ‘justice system’ failed to protect them has been very interesting. Law and justice seems to be the main question when protecting individuals.


For me, it has been very interesting to hear and find out what justice really means. I guess I am still searching for the definition of justice, to find out if there really is a fair justice system which does not discriminate against the people when applying the law.


Posted on: May 16, 2016

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