Resilience – Human Resources – A poem!

20th May, 2014 - Posted by Gavin - Comments Off on Resilience – Human Resources – A poem!

Below is a poem written by our very own Lorna reflecting on her experience devising with the Bethany group as part of our Resilience project – thanks Lorna!


human resources

strivers   skivers



workers   shirkers

workmen   shirkmen


job seekers

job takers

creators   fakers


feats and work

cheats and crooks







bread winners  

bread losers 

doers   screwers

butchers   moochers



a hard day’s nightshift

shiftless   workless

a hard night’s dayshift

workful   shirkful


toilers   spoilers

earners   swindlers

cheaters   stealers



workfare   workforce

fair work

force work

warfare or welfare


minimum   living   wage   slaves

doers   screwers

players   failures

helpers   hinderers

makers   takers


banks and food banks

tanks and no tanks

think so no thanks


interns   out-terns

intakes   outputs

profits   handouts


years of tears

volunteers for fears


work like dogs

nose to grindstone

bring home bacon


manpower   powerless

labels  meaning less


drivers    idlers

crisis managers

risk  takers

couch potatoes


long term leeches

mother earth fuckers

sloths and parasites

blood suckers



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