Not For Profit – Stage Two

24th February, 2012 - Posted by Gavin - Comments Off on Not For Profit – Stage Two

After 8 successful performances of our latest piece of Forum Theatre in November and a great follow-up meeting for audience members in December, the second stage of our Not For Profit project is firmly underway!

Open to anyone, this stage of the project involves a group meeting every Tuesday evening at the Abbey Mount Community Centre (next door to the Regent pub!) to devise their own pieces of Forum Theatre exploring the Cuts to Public Services for performances at a big community event in Leith on Saturday 12th May.

Last week we explored some of the fundamentals of Forum Theatre and this week we began to use the language of images to explore the topic of the Cuts.

The group begins to create images of the Cuts

 After a warm-up we began to think about how we could use our bodies, their positioning, and their relationship to others as a language! We spent time creating and sculpting each other into images and brought these to life. It was interesting to see how we sometimes rely too much on spoken words when images can say so much.

Dave and Tina create an image of the Cuts

We made images of people affected by he Cuts and then images of those causing this. In this way we began to explore the topic at a political level and also a personal level. We ended the session by trying to change the images so that this unequal relationship could be challenged. We are just at the beginning of the process but already some interesting images and questions are emerging. There is still space so if you would like to join us on a Tuesday evening please get in touch at


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