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Flashback Drama

Are you interested in being part of a brand new piece of theatre to be performed in the Leith Festival in June and as part of the Fringe in August?

This devising group is for anyone over 18 with an interest in creating innovative theatre that entertains and challenges.

We have opportunities for those interested in acting, directing, writing or backstage work.

This year we will be continuing working with Strange Town to create a piece of theatre exploring the industrial heritage and changing nature of work in Leith.

When: Monday evenings starting 22nd January
Time: 6.00 – 8.00pm
Where: The Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG
£7 per session (£4 concession)
For more information or to book a place contact us.

Download a flyer [pdf]


Flashback photoFlashback photo
Flashback photoFlashback photo

Previous Performances:

The Waves on the SeasThe Waves on the Seas - Leith and Fringe Festivals 2017

Following on from the success of last year's Tales from the Hanging Captain, Active Inquiry's Flashback Drama Group, Strange Town Young Company and writer Duncan Kidd join forces again to continue to tell the story of Leith Docks.

Following three generations of Italian immigrants the play explores how Leith has affected the lives of all those who have come and gone over the years and the mark that they have made.

"This excellent ensemble cast keep the action tight and focused, ensuring an engrossing view of Leith that certainly doesn't outstay its welcome" 4 stars, Broadway Baby. Read the full review


Tales from the Hanging CaptainTales From The Hanging Captain - Leith Festival and Forest Fringe 2016

Following the hugely successful production of "Persevere", part of last year's Gretna 100 Project, Active Inquiry's Flashback Drama group and Strange Town Young Company join forces again to explore the history of Leith docks. This inspirational play reflects some of the hidden stories and voices of Leith docks. Set in the fictional Leith pub, 'The Hanging Captain', the audience will be taken on a voyage through time, as stories of the Dockers' involvement in the whaling industry, the 'Darien Scheme' and the strikes of 1913 unfold.

"if ever there was a town full of stories, that knew how to persevere in telling them, it’s the venerable, beautiful and unpredictable Port of Leith." 3 stars, Joyce Mcmillan, The Scotsman. Read the full review


Gretna 100Persevere - May, Leith Festival and Forest Fringe 2015

On the 22nd May 1915, at Quintinshill near Gretna, the worst train disaster in British railway history left over 200 men from the 1/7th Royal Scots dead. This "Leith Battalion" trained at the Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street which later became the focus point for families looking for information after the disaster.

Working with Out of the Blue in this same building 100 years later, a group of community actors from Active Inquiry and Strangetown have researched and devised a piece of promenade theatre, Persevere, which guides the audience around the Drill Hall and enables them to catch glimpses of stories of Leithers 100 years ago saying goodbye to sons and brothers, hearing the news of the crash and coping with the aftermath.

"It's difficult not to be moved and shaken by the profound sense of place, time and continuity conjured up by this fine 24-strong community Company" 4 Stars, Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman. Read the full review


Fish is the FutureFish is the Future - Leith Festival and Forest Fringe 2014

Will Fishtowners keep their autonomy or cross the mysterious bridge?

The small island community of Fishtown has existed for centuries, cut off from the world. But when a mysterious bridge appears, heading off into the mist, Fishtowners are faced with a choice – seek a connection with others or preserve their autonomy? Is this a religious miracle, an opportunity or a threat of invasion? As Fishtowners try to find the answers they are forced to confront the divisions within their own community.

Fish is the Future takes a humorous look at what independence means for Fishtown and may be of interest to residents of other countries having similar debates…


Taking Care of Business Taking Care of Business - Leith Festival and Forest Fringe 2013
Will the Contract be fulfilled?
Why do millions of people tune in every week to watch TV chat show The Business? Is it for the fashion and cookery tips, celebrity guests and music performances? Or is it to see someone murdered in the name of entertainment?
Taking Care of Business explored the dark side of entertainment and the lengths people will go to for celebrity status.



The Retreat The Retreat - Leith Festival 2012
The reunion has been organised but will anybody come?
The Retreat was a special time for Jason, a time to get away from things and meet new and different people. So special in fact, that he has organised a reunion. But how do people change over time? Is the reunion a good idea? Will it ever happen?
The Retreat explored the effects that time and economic decisions have on people's lives.



Next in Line Next in Line - Leith Festival 2011
John has always believed in taking a ticket and waiting his turn. But when he wakes up in the mysterious "Waiting Room" he has to figure out how he got there, what he is waiting for and, more importantly, how to escape.
Next in Line explored the concepts of "order" and "chaos" through the uniquely British pastime of queuing!

"A clever script and expertly-choreographed performance won over the sold out audience, who leave the Out of the Blue Drill Hall happy." Rebecca Gordon, STV


The Lagacy The Legacy - Leith Festival 2010
The Cafe was always a place where you could go and talk about changing the world. But now a bigger change is happening; something that requires less talk and more action...
Devised and written by the cast and directed by Gavin Crichton, The Legacy explores how we deal with change and how we can be actively involved in enabling positive change to happen in our lives and communities.

“It has a real sense of life and topicality.” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman


Comfort Zone Comfort Zone - Leith Festival 2009
It is the year 2030 and the launch night of SpaZe Inc’s plans for the redevelopment of the Harbourstone area. Will everything go as planned or will community resistance finally boil to the surface?

“A strong piece of issue-based theatre that works both as entertainment and as a call to take on responsibility for yourself.” Thom Dibdin, Evening News


Think Tank – Leith Festival 2008
Welcome to the opening night of the latest exhibition by renowned artist Tunde Aragundade. As a group of art lovers casually mill around the exhibits and installations, the evening takes a sinister turn… blackouts, visions, abductions and bloodshed. Is this part of the artistic experience or is there something more menacing at work? Join the group as they embark on a thrilling journey through a series of darkly comic incidents.

“A strong, tense situation...conveyed with plenty of energy by the cast”. Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman